Quality control and recognition


In order to ensure the quality of operational processes, the MBA Institute has developed a CATS training quality standard system for MBA Institute Online. CATS is the standard applied to the academic and academic supports with the following requirements:

C - Contents

  • Training content must meet the requirements of the programs. 
  • Training content must be conveyed in an understandable way.
  • Training content must be interesting and updated.

A - Accreditation

  • All programs must be recognized and could be transfer into the accredited universities.
  • All of English supporting systems, academic supporting systems, and processes must be continuously checked and improved.
  • The MBA Institute's activities are part of the recognition and accreditation system of reputation recognition and accredited bodies.

T - Technology

  • The MBA Institute Online applies modern technology and training in the provision of services to clients, partners and learners.
  • The MBA Institute Online continuously improves and upgrades the distance learning system to meet the increasing demands of students.

S - Services

  • The MBA Institute develops service-minded when carry out any activities with all students, partners, employees, and other stakeholders.


From 2017, MBA Institute is the recognized by UK Qualifications bodies. All the level qualification from 3 to 7 is recognized by Ofqual and could be transferred into the United Kingdom universities or foreign universities which accepted the UK level qualifications.