Teaching methodology

Before we introduce the concept of blended learning, it is important that you understand, the teaching methodology that has been designed for individual students.

Online Materials

Students will be provided with access to online academic materials. The online learning materials have been designed to provide key concepts and theories, which are underpinned by a series of guided interactive and engaging activities. These have been designed using an online pedagogic approach which facilitates synthesis of knowledge, reflection, and practical application to the work-place. In doing so, real world examples and case studies are used to expose students to contemporary issues and settings.

This approach also develops the analytical skills of students, their ability to problem solve and to develop coherent and structured arguments. Students are also provided with reference to web links, articles and recommended texts to further develop and consolidate their understanding through self-study.


Study Centres and Students will be provided with optional access to webinars. The webinars are designed to expand on the core content and provide students with the opportunity to discuss topics, ideas and theories in a collaborative learning environment facilitated by a Subject Matter Expert. This allows for the sharing of ideas and the stimulation of thought to provide a complimentary depth of learning experience.

Discussion Forums

In addition, students are actively encouraged to use Discussion Forums and Bulletin Boards provide to interact and share information relating to study courses. This is an effective way to develop an appreciation and understanding from differing perspectives, particularly as students will be from a variety of different cultures around the world.

Recommended Reading

The module format is such that if students utilize all the content and interactive activities, they will have enough knowledge to undertaken the assessments and meet the Learning Outcomes for each module. However, each module descriptor also contains a list of recommended texts. These are included to enable students to broaden their knowledge of the subject areas presented. These are also only a guide and students are not restricting you’re to the texts provided.  Students who wish to embark onto University top-up programmes are encouraged to read as widely as possible to demonstrate that you researched areas from a variety of different perspectives, so additional reading is to be encouraged.